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Denim Nicole

Following her breakout single, “Gotta Move It,” - singer/songwriter and actress Demin Nicole explores new dimensions as her electric, heart-driven sound presses her forward as one of music’s most promising new artist. 

Talented, uniquely gifted, and performance ready, Denim Nicole aspires to continue the growth of her humility, drive and creativity. “She has always performed whether it be singing or dancing for her family and friends,” said Denim Nicole’s mother. 

With dynamic, diverse and depth defining stage experience, the American teenager continues to re-invest in the longevity of not just her many talents, but her lifelong impact. “My goal is to encourage people to keep shining no matter what challenges they face.” Serving as one of the emerging and eclectic voices of her generation, Denim Nicole attributes her artistry to her many musical inspirations including “Lil Kim, Kendrick Lamar, Queen Latifah, Lauren Hill, and more. The teenager has a list of over 15 performances and credits to her name including playing a principal role in Mac Miller’s “100 Grandkids,” and “Jean” in a Mi Casa Mi Casa Productions pilot series. Denim Nicole also served as the “Sultan” in Jaxx Theatrical’s “Aladdin.” In addition, she has performed professionally with Exclusive Dance Group for the Chicago Bulls and Carnival Cruises. 

Working with Chi-Town producers Don Robb and Mike Wavs, the Chicago native is elated to connect with her growing audience unlike ever before - bringing together her high-energizing, soul-piercing love for pop and hip hop music on her groundbreaking new album. “I want to connect with those in the wake of their everyday situations,” said Denim Nicole. “I want them (fans) to feel like they are not alone.” 

Her supporters will experience a groove-immersing library of deep house mixes and upbeat tempos like the song “Gotta Move It.” “This is a song for people like me - people who love music and like to dance,” said Denim Nicole. “When you hear the beat you just have to move.” 

Through the diversity of her work, Denim Nicoleaspires to provide hope and inspiration to her fans as the cornerstone of her projects. “We can get through it together.”