Donn Robb is an American music producer, singer and rapper. 

Chicago’s own Donn Robb has been in the music game since the age 14. He began his music composing and producing career teaming up with his brother Huc. Early on the duo worked with Brisco from Cash Money Records. 

Working as a producer for Chicago-based artists has exposed Donn Robb to many talented people including Grammy Award-winning singer R. Kelly and Snoop Dogg. Through these connections, Don Robb was able to work behind the scenes and produce hits for up and coming artists. 

“I've been working on music my whole life and had the opportunity to cross paths with everyone, and I've been a student every since,” said Don Robb. 

His recipe for good music is simple. “I mix old and new styles and still produce timeless music,” said Don Robb. “I'm like your auntie’s famous dish passed down from generation to the next.” 

Don Robb has an impressive resume working with rappers including Rico Recklezz, Lil’ Bibby, Lil’ Herb and Chase Chill to name a few. He is currently producing for other Chicago artists, Playlist and Queen Key. 

Although Don Robb has a lot of experience working with rap artists, he also produces artists in other genres such as R&B and pop. You can hear Don Robb’s work on Shugga’s “Bittersweet.” He is looking forward to the day when he can add EDM and Country artists to the list. 

Don Robb is making music for virtually anyone. “If you enjoy music, love to have fun, laugh, cry and even sing along out loud in the shower, I’m making music for you,” he said.