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Legacy Beatz is a music producer/engineer from Chicago, IL (of Ghanaian descent as well).
Chicago’s Legacy Beatz has what it take to heavily influence your sound. Over the last ten years, he has collaborated with the likes of Tr3asy from the Chi, Don Robb, Chase Davis and many more local producers. 

Working with a broad range of industry artists and professionals, the highly regarded Legacy Beatz collaborated with Rico Reckless. Producing the high-energized dance hit, “Right Now” featuring Ill Will. “I want to bring a new energy into mainstream music,” said Legacy Beatz. “I want people to hear my music,  relate to it and pursue their dreams.” 

Legacy’s admiration for music comes from reggae and other alternative genres. “Bob Marley impacted my love for music in a major way,” he said. “It allowed me to experience music differently and appreciate my way of doing it.” 

Legacy’s work has been described as impactful, genius and irreplaceable. “I am the first in my family born on US soil,” he said. “I have a responsibility to live a good life, and guide the ones who are next.”

His art imitates his life. "Most of my ideas for music come to me in completion,” he said. “If I hear a sound I like, or a tone that catches my ear, I’d have a complete song in no time."