Originally from Southside Chicago’s, ‘The Wild Hundreds,’ Daniel Ivy (OZ) began investing in his aspiration for music as a teenager.

Oz was an athlete in high school. He scored runs on the football field but had a lot of idle time in off-season. To keep his son on track, Oz’s father,  gave his son a laptop with production software knowing his son’s love for music. At that time, Oz didn’t realize the importance of his father’s gift until one day he started fooling around with FL Studio software. Shortly after he began making beats, producing hits became his new focus. 

Oz presents a new sound to rap while embracing ‘real’ hip hop elements from his predecessors of the ‘90s. You can hear his style of production on past projects featuring Lil’ Bibby, Lil’ Herb and even NFL players turned music artists Nate Palmer & Josh Bush. His latest production skills can are available on tracks featuring Donn Robb, D.Lylez, Toi, and ITL. 

Oz takes inspiration from award winning producers and artist including Dr. Dre,Timbaland, Lex Luger, Q-Tip and Kayne West.