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American singer/songwriter, Toi Amani Lyle is one of musics next rising stars! From a troubled an unstable upbringing to conquers of anxiety and depression, the MC continues to spearhead a groundbreaking career in connecting her increasing audience to her unique and unprecedented music. 

Illustrating her dynamic and triumphant journey of overcoming high-pressured obstacles and trials, Toi discovered her deep-seeded passion for music as a child - singing, rapping and writing. Her major influences in music consist of game-changers and mega-superstars such as Minnie Riperton, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Michael Jackson. Even as a child, she found herself inspired by R&B as she was rocked to sleep at night. Her admiration for music lead her to sing in church while her love for movement and expression lead her train as a dancer in classical ballet. 

From singing to songwriting, Toi found her love for creative expression and storytelling via poetry and MC’ing - drawing parallels from her life experiences to her dreams, goals, and aspirations. Contests, talent searches, and more lead her to become the powerhouse she is today. 

With open letters like “Doves,” Toi remains humble and grateful to share her story with her supporters. "I love this song because it is authentic," said Toi. It describes my life at that moment. The song took me back to the first time I have loved, and it gave me a rush. I think everyone can relate to it if they ever felt something... if they ever loved someone." 

With an amazing creative team, a burning passion for music and performance, coupled with an unwavering faith in her success-filled destiny, Toi Amani Lyle is placing her best foot forward. 

"I gotta make it and I will," said Toi. "Too many people depend on me, and I cannot let them down. Music pulled me through then, and it will not fail me now."

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