YB Bunny

As one of musics newest MC’s, YB Bunny arrives as a member of a generation raised almost exclusively on Hip Hop. Taking pen to paper, he captures the Chi-town human experience and creates original artistry that connects undoubtably with his national audience. Illustrating trials, tribulations and triumphs, YB Bunny’s latest project is full of unique and handcrafted sounds embodying his blunt charisma and eclectic musical inspirations. “I like it because the songs we made are very outlandish and different in every way,” said YB Bunny. “The sounds, beats and lyrics are natural and organic.” 


Uniquely purpose-driven, YB Bunny maintains a consistent undertone of positive expression in all of his creative endeavors and projects. “The message behind “Rock Out” is to be yourself and rock out,” said YB Bunny. “Be who you are, not who people want you to be.” On one of his favorite tracks, “Natural” is a tribute to women and their natural beauty. 


Through YB Bunny’s diverse musical projects, he takes his increasing audience on a music experience that provokes original thought and genuine emotion. Inspiring those “feel good” vibes that carried club-banging crowd favorites like “No Brakes.” “Get lost in my songs and escape from reality for three or four minutes,” said YB Bunny. 

As one of today’s most prominent emerging artists, YB Bunny remains a student of the game - developing his artistry through his creative songwriting, stage performances and staying threaded in his roots. He values family, adding value to others and creating from his life experiences.